Amphora Vacuum Jug Soft Peach


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Stelton’s Amphora thermos jug is named after ancient Greek pottery, and in its softly flowing lines, one can indeed see references to the shapes of traditional Greek amphorae. Designed by Danish designer Sebastian Holmbäck in 2021, the thermos jug is made of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic and features a glass interior that keeps coffee warm for up to several hours. The bottom of the jug can be screwed open, allowing the inside to be easily cleaned and replaced if necessary, further extending the life of the jug.


Plastic (BPA and Phthalate free), glass insert
Light peach
20 cm
14,4 cm
23,5 cm
1 L
Care instructions
Rinse the jug with clear water for cleaning. Do not use a wire brush or any other tool to clean the inside of the bottle in order to prevent the glass insert from being damaged. Do not soak.
It is recommended that the vacuum jug be preheated prior to pouring hot liquids in to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.


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