Carrie Table Lamp, Brushed Brass

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The Carrie LED Lamp is a testament to innovative design and functionality. As a portable and lightweight illumination solution, it stands out for its versatile uses and adaptability. The lamp features a sleek, practical handle and a warm sphere of light gently cradled in a basket-like base, providing an inviting glow wherever you choose to place it. Its cordless design, accompanied by a USB charger, makes it perfect for on-the-go use, be it from your office to your bedside table, or from a serene evening picnic to a bike ride home. This unique lighting piece infuses comfort and elegance into any setting. Available in black, white, burned red, olive green, brushed brass, and bronzed brass with leather, the portable LED lamp offers a warm, intimate light adjustable to three settings, ensuring a comforting atmosphere. Once fully charged, it promises ten hours of continuous illumination.

Usage Note: To maintain the health of the internal battery, ensure the Carrie lamp is only plugged in during charging with the lamp turned off. Avoid leaving it plugged in during use.

Dimensions: Height: 24.5 cm, Diameter: 13.5 cm, Width: 15.3 cm

Materials: Steel, Brass, Glass, ABS