Meditate Eye Mask LUXE

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Ease eye tiredness and encourage circulation with hot/cold therapy. Particularly helpful for those who suffer with migraines. Delightfully customised with your favourite essential oil. 100% Cotton Cover with metallic print and internal bag filled with Flax Seeds Pocket opening for securing inside bag 4”x9” size for eye coverage Customised with your choice of essential oil: Lavender or Peppermint.

Hand made with love by Hannah

Aromatherapy : Add a few drops of your favourite pure essential oils to inner bag after microwaving.

Heat : Microwave inner bag 10 seconds at a time until desired heat is achieved.

Shake bag between, to evenly distribute heat. Test on your wrist before inserting into outer cover and applying to face or body.

Cold : Place inner bag into a sealed tub in the freezer until desired coldness. Place bag in cover before applying to face or body.

After Use : Leave inner bag out to dry to prevent flax seeds from moulding due to moisture.

Care : Pre-wash cover before first use. Cold wash outer cover with mild detergent, lay flat to dry. Spot clean only inner bag.

Caution : Do not over heat for risk of skin burns or fire. Do not leave unattended and check frequently during heating. Medical Concerns Consult with your physician before use.