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The Momentt wall clock is inspired by the idea of overcoming time limits, experiencing it more than a feeling and displaying it in a poetic way. Momentt consists of a funnelshaped, matt steel housing with a diffused front acrylic glass. With Momentt, time seems to blur with space and the hands magically disappear into the depth of the center of the clock. Momentt is therefore not just a technical display of time, but rather a poetic object that makes us think about time and yet visualizes the time in a subtle way.


Product name: Momentt
Product category: Wall clock
Colour: Black, white front & black dials
Material: Steel
Designer: Böttcher & Kayser, 2018
Dimensions: Ø: 30 D: 8,4 cm
Clockwork: Quartz

Momentt has been awarded an Archiproducts design award 2020 in the category decor.


Gejst means excitement and enthusiasm in English. From the start, the goal of the company has been to challenge traditional approaches to design to make a collection full of bold and playful objects. Each bringing an instant attraction and passion that’s hard to explain but easy to feel.
Focusing on functional design and high quality materials, Gejst takes a normal product, looks at the need to be fulfilled, then strips it down to come up with something thrilling. Multifunctional and thought through to the smallest detail, you decide the final design and how it will be used.
Each design is a testament to this approach and it is our way of bringing gejst into homes all around the world.