Okiru Alarm Clock


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The design of the Okiru alarm clock by the Japanese designer, Kazushige Miyake is deliberately simple and discreet. In Japanese okiru means ‘to wake up’. Given that the alarm clock is the first thing you see when waking up, the designer wished to create a simple, functional object that would get the day off to a tranquil start. The design marries function and colour. Set the alarm using a dial on the back of the clock - it is the same colour as the clock’s alarm hand and the pin that is up when the alarm is set. The alarm clock is silent and has a snooze function activated by lightly touching the clock. With the same gentle pressure, at any time you can activate a gentle light that enables you to read the clock at night.

Length: 4 cm
Height: 8 cm
Width: 8 cm
Designer: Kazushige Miyake


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