Organic Caffeinated Coffee Tube 200g Whole Bean


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Being organic certified & speciality-grade means Nørlo’s coffee lies in the top 1% of all coffee served worldwide in terms of quality. Their mission is simple; to deliver exceptional coffee in an ethical, sustainable way. Not only are they driven by wanting to deliver the best quality, most sustainable coffee but they are also very passionate about how coffee can impact our health & wellbeing for the better.

We believe coffee should be served in its purest form and Nørlo is no exception!

Inspired by Oslo's coffee culture, where a lighter roast captures much more of the beans naturally mouth-watering flavours and intense aromas and natural goodness like antioxidants, nutrients and natural minerals. 

Ethically sourced from some of the world's leading organic coffee farms, their blend is made from only high-quality beans, grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil then hand-picked and sun-dried, before being roasted to light perfection. Every batch is housed in beautifully iconic, award-winning & fully recyclable packaging. They’re proud to be the first brand to deliver a low-caffeine coffee to enjoy throughout the day!