YBH Shearling Fanny Packs


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The perfect hands free bag for those who travel light, or already have their hands full.

Wear it around your waist, or crossbody with our adjustable strap which has 18 holes to customize to your daily needs.


.Shearling exterior
.Raccagni zipper. Crafted in Italy.
.Solid brass hardware, nickel plated, or black oxidized.
.Measures approximately 9.5” Wide x 7.5” High x .5" Deep
Made in Vancouver, Canada.

Working with natural, organic materials that all bags may have their own unique colour, character and charm.

Care Instructions ~ 

Shake it up! Regularly shaking your bag will remove the fine dust and dirt particles that have settled on the surface through regular use. The sooner the bag is “cleaned” or “shook up” after the initial soiling, the better. Attend to liquid spills and stains as quickly as possible! Shearling is water repellent, so you may see that wine that you just spilled pool a bit on the surface before making its way in. This is a great time to spot clean and dab the bag.

Do not rub, brush or massage wool when it is wet. This will lead to matting and discolouration.


Founded in 2016 on the West Coast of Canada in picturesque Vancouver, British Columbia.

Your Bag of Holding, otherwise known as YBH, was born out of an abundance of textural and organic inspiration. 

Designed and crafted in-studio by Emily Heffring, Your Bag of Holding is identifiable and known for it’s beautiful sheepskin and leather creations. All YBH bags are made in-studio, with love.