2023 One-Sheet Calendar 24” x 36”

Raymond Biesinger

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Raymond Biesinger


Raymond is a Montréal-based illustrator and artist very into editorial and commercial work, and while the portfolio part of this website may be a trim three dozen or so projects, he’s been part of more than 1000 assignments on five continents since 2002. Other interests: minimalism, maximalism, world and local history, equality, diversity, economics, music, science fiction, historic buildings, pictorial maps, Canadiana, wall art, preserving a 145-year-old home, etc. 

You can think of much of his work as a collage that doesn’t look like a collage—pieces made from real-world lines, shapes, and textures scanned into a computer that’s used as an infinitely-forgiving Xerox machine, glue, and scissors. These “collaged” components lose their recognizability in the process, but through repetitive use bring flaws, eccentricities, and geometries that form a unique visual vocabulary.