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Mondays can be rough, but once in a while they can also be the beginning of something big, and perhaps even something really good - like the Monday when we found a forgotten farm on the slopes of El Salvador's highest mountain (in the region Chalatenango, near Honduras). Around us, happy horses trampled the ground, and nestled in the shade of old pines abandoned coffee trees grew.

A crazy idea turned into a common dream, where we could begin spreading the message of quality and sustainability amongst our coffee-growing neighbours. The site was named El Pital after the mountain top. The first coffee farm with the Lykke coffee people. This was the beginning of something really good and the first Monday of the rest of our lives.

At Lykke they are challenging the normal way of doing things, by actually growing, buying and roasting coffee ourselves, with the humble aim to influence the coffee industry for the better. 

We own our the coffee farms and company together with the coffee farmers, cutting out all middle persons and making sure that nothing or no-one gets harmed when we enjoy a good cup of coffee. 

On the highest peaks in El Salvador and Panama, by the snow water lakes of the Andes, back up to the Brasilian plateaus and over the seas to the birthplace of coffee in eastern Africa, they are establishing showcase farms where they grow coffee the right way. Organically. Without mono-cultures and in perfect harmony with people and planet.

  • Origin: Chalatenango
  • El Salvador Producers: Miguel Angel Murcia, Joel Isai, Rene Alfonso, José Matias Hernandez Alvarez, Orlando Vasquez
  • Altitude: 1700-1850 masl
  • Variety: Pacas
  • Process: Washed
  • Flavour Profile: Sweet caramel, plum and red apple
  • Flavour Intensity: 2