Maple Serving Board

The Woodsman’s Daughter

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10” Maple serving board. Handmade in Toronto using domestic hardwood. Perfect as a prep board for chopping, cutting or serving. Each piece is finished with a food safe mineral oil and bees wax. *********Please note that there is a large knot on one side that has been left unfilled. *********

Dimensions: 10” wide x 13” long


Here are some basic tips and tricks to help keep your wooden wares in the best possible condition! With the right care these pieces should last you a lifetime.

For all wooden wares being used in the kitchen such as serving boards and spoons special attention needs to be paid as it is in woods nature to shift and warp when in contact with water. To clean your pieces they can be washed with regular dish soap and water but do not allow pieces to soak, that means the dishwasher is not safe. For all serving boards and chopping blocks its best to lean the pieces or hang to dry, laying them flat while wet can cause cupping. Wooden cookware can be retouched and oiled every few months or depending on how often the item is used, once it begins to look dehydrated. To retouch use a piece of 400 grit sand paper to remove fuzzy bits until the piece is smooth to the touch. After sanding apply a thin but thorough coat of a food safe danish oil, mineral oil or bees wax. We use Walrus oil and their hard wax which is a mixture of Vitamin E oil, Mineral oil, Coconut oil and Beeswax. We don’t recommend using vegetable oils or olive oil to condition your wooden wares as these can go rancid. Allow pieces to dry a minimum of 24 hours before using and never condition your wooden cookware if wet or damp.

*****Please note that cooking with strongly coloured spices and foods such as turmeric may discolour the wood*****