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OJ! Is a way to say wow! in Swedish and it is also the reaction most people have to this coffee. If you talk to a coffee nerd, they may wax poetic about notes of chocolate, sweetness, and the incredibly well-rounded nature of this roast. Simply put, OJ! Is the perfect brew for any given occasion. We could talk about coffee all day, but let’s also discuss the coffee farm cooperative from which this bean comes. The co-op lies on the border of Caparaó National park, a place with raw, pristine nature which creates a unique micro-climate for our coffee plants to grow. However, one of the biggest reasons to celebrate this coffee is our wonderful friends on the coffee farms. People whose passion and energy can be tasted in every cup. It’s with this approach we process each unique harvest. It may sound complicated, and it is complicated. But all worth it, because it tastes so, so good. 

At Lykke we are challenging the normal way of doing things, by actually growing, buying and roasting coffee ourselves, with the humble aim to influence the coffee industry for the better. 

We own the coffee farms and company together with the coffee farmers, cutting out all middle persons and making sure that nothing or no-one gets harmed when we enjoy a good cup of coffee. 

On the highest peaks in El Salvador and Panama, by the snow water lakes of the Andes, back up to the Brasilian plateaus and over the seas to the birthplace of coffee in eastern Africa, they are establishing showcase farms where they grow coffee the right way. Organically. Without mono-cultures and in perfect harmony with people and planet.

  • Origin: Espírito Santo, Brazil
  • Altitude: 900 till 1500 m
  • Varieties: Red and yellow Catuai
  • Process: Pulped
  • Flavour profile: Round and sweet; dominated by cacao, panela & almond
  • Flavour intensity: 3/5