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We had an 'aha' moment when it occurred to us that shoe soles are durable and slightly flexible in just the way a doorstop needs to be.


STOP is a doorstop made with recycled shoe soles.

Designed by American design office STUDIO GORM. Unlike your typical doorstop, a cone can wedge from any side. ‘STOP’ is an innovative doorstop produced for Pidät by a shoe sole maker.

You can upcycle otherwise discarded shoe soles by cutting them up and mixing them in. The flakes look beautiful, and they're recycled.


Materials. Our synthetic rubber is 60% from recycled shoe soles. Our polyester rope is 100% from upcycled post-consumer waste plastic drinking bottles, & colored using a water-free dying process.

Certifications. Synthetic rubber and polyester rope materials are certified by Global Recycled Standard 4.0. Materials pass REACH and California Prop 65 testing.

Size. Ø146mm x 40mm (Ø5-3/4” x 1-1/2”)

Color. Brown