Colibri Watering Can Nomad


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The watering can with the apt name Colibri - the Italian word for hummingbird - has a distinctive shape and resembles the tiny bird with its perfectly rounded body and long beak. This makes it precise and easy to use without spilling or pouring out too much.

Colibri is made of powder-coated stainless steel and the embossing on the top rim allows you to portion out 1 litre of water, giving you an accurate dose of water for your native plants. Find your own favourite among the available colours - and enjoy keeping your plants healthy!


To preserve the look and the material for as long as possible, we recommend always washing this item by hand.

  • Designer:Luca Galmarini
  • Color:Nomad
  • Material:Steel powder coated
  • Height:360 mm
  • Width:80 mm
  • Length:170 mm
  • Size:1000 ml
  • Outdoor suitable:Yes



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