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This elegant lantern was designed for candles, but there are many uses for it, including as a plant pot or simply as a small bowl once you remove the glass.

The idea behind our lantern was born one summer’s evening, as Eldvarm founder Louise sat with friends by the outdoor fireplace in her family’s summerhouse in southern Sweden. One friend, who loved the wood basket Emma, was convinced that the same shape could also be utilised for a lantern for candles. Designer Emma Olbers was given the brief and this hurricane lantern was the beautiful result.⁠ Although it was designed to be used with a candle, our lantern can also be used as a flower or plant pot (keep the outer pot and don’t fill with water above the lower edge of the leather) or a small bowl if you remove the glass. We love to mix and match the colours.


Dimensions 17 × 16 × 23 cm