Navy Fireworks on Natural All-Linen Napkins

Banquet Workshop

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Abstracted fireworks print adapted from our best-selling Fireworks Birthday Card and screen printed here on a pair of 100% linen napkins: designed, screen printed and sewn in Canada.

Navy explosions printed on a pair of all natural unbleached 100% linen 18 x 18 inch napkins. Washes up beautifully, cold water and hang to dry because its better for our universe.


Banquet Atelier & Workshop is a Vancouver-based studio run by Sarah Edmonds and Tammy Lawrence who are engaged in creating quality goods. All of our products are conceived, designed, printed and produced in Canada with a fine attention to affordability, environmental sustainability and share a distinct beauty and uniqueness. We offer screen printed signed and dated prints, stationery, textiles as well as clothing and jewelry. 

We have licensed our work and collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Terrain, Anthropologie, Land of Nod and others to create exclusive product and designs. 

Current inspirations include the smell of a Pacific Northwest forest baking on hot summer day, neon overprints, cut off jeans and t-shirts, salad picked from the garden, Lucia Berlin and James Baldwin, swimming in the ocean and kids creative set-ups made up of anything they can find.