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Our hand-harvested and organic Sicilian olive oil, made from cold-pressed, single-harvest 100% Biancolilla olives—a deliciously versatile cornerstone in the kitchen that works beautifully for cooking, roasting, finishing, and anything in between.

Unripe olives, herbs, citrus, green tomato

Our Olives

The Biancolillia is one of the oldest varietals of olive tree found in Central and Eastern Sicily—named for the olives’ pale white hue during the winter season. Brimming with tradition and story, Biancolillia olives have been a trusted standard for quality olive oil production across generations, with the fruit beloved for its resistance to drought; self-pollinating capabilities; and unmistakable flavor, at once richly distinct and rarely refined.

Pour generously, use daily, and share often.


e uno stile de vita

For lingering dinners and one-minute lunches. For sopping up sourdough. For the trusted vinaigrette you make five nights a week. For the slow-roasted herby chicken and the perfectly crispy, frizzled egg. (And when all else fails, for refining the finishing touch: a drizzle added to a bowl of homemade soup…or a dose of earthy contrast atop vanilla ice cream.)