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The epic poem of Finland

Kalevala is Finland’s national work of epic poetry from the 19th century. This narrative poetry holds a special place in the hearts of Finns. The poems in Kalevala tell a story of the whole spectrum of life, everyday life, celebrations, and historical events. Kalevala is a cornerstone of Finnish culture. It creates an understanding of life and existence. It is a significant and symbolic work, which story we have turned into a fragrance.

Kalevala fragrance smells of the pure nature of Finland. The magic of nature has remained the same since the Kalevala was written. The fragrance is at the same time ancient, yet still timely, and always genuine. In the rooty scent of Kalevala, you can sense notes of juniper, dead wood, green birch leaves, and pine.

The fragrance is a story full of Finnish nature and important folklore.

Natural room fragrance glass bottle with a blend of essential oils and natural mixture for improved fragrance diffusion. Sealed stopper and 2 natural pine wood sticks.

100ml will scent a room for 3+ months. Scent your livingroom, bathroom or office.



BASE NOTES olibanum


100% natural 

Country of origin - Finland












How to & usage

Usage room scent
How to

1. remove cap

2. put the pine stick into the glassbottle

3. scent rise up to the top and scents the room


The sense of smell is one of our most important senses. Scents guide us and bring back different memories. We love good smells. We want to have a good and natural smell as a part of our everyday lives too. When surrounded by a pleasing scent at home or work, you will certainly feel confident, full of energy and ideas.

We have built our room scents in a way that they are as genuine, natural, and neutral as possible. And so that they differ from each other.

Kalevala fragrance smells of the pure nature of Finland.

Finnish sisu empowers your senses with menthol and black pepper.

Shinrin yoku is Japanese and means a forest bath, in other words a trip to the forest.

Shinrin yoku has a spicy and ancient scent of the forest, with gorgeous aromas of star anise, cypress, and ginger.



Soft moss under your feet. Prickly pine needles in the palm of your hand. The calm forest at dusk and the vast skies at night. The smell of heartwood. Let go of the unnecessary. Reinvent your rituals and get closer to your roots. Start thinking simple.

Our company believes that living in harmony with nature is one of the greatest commitments we can make in our lives. We love the forest and its trees, and it is the biggest inspiration when we create our products. Our philosophy is to bring the people who use these products closer to nature in their busy everyday lives.

We respect the wisdom of Northern wilderness, and the health benefits it can offer us. The knowledge of healing properties of different trees helps us create balanced mixtures for natural skin care. These nourish, refresh, calm, and complement skins of all ages.‍

In designing our products we start from pure and minimal ingredients, always bearing in mind the safety of the product both for the user and nature. We use as few ingredients as possible. We don´t "fancy up" our products with endless lists of posh ingredients. Instead, we remove everything extra and keep our products as minimalistic as possible, without compromising the desired effects.

All the products are made of 100 per cent natural ingredients. They don´t contain any artificial fragrances or additives. Our entire product line is vegan. All the ingredients we use are plant based. 

The foundation for a beautiful and glowing skin is built on what comes into contact with your body. What you eat and whether you drink enough plays an important role in this challenging task. External impurities, sources of stress, and effects from ageing can also leave our skin dry and damaged. We must pay extra attention to what we put on our skin, as all the ingredients are absorbed directly into our bodies.

Hetkinen line ingredients are carefully chosen. They contain extracts, natural vegetable oil, vegetable fats, vitamins and essential oils from various trees. They add a delicious fragrance to your skincare.

We hope our products help you look at trees with new eyes: to see their beauty and versatility. Forest and the trees hold the keys to our health!