Yara Vase Medium-Grey Pumice


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The Yara Vases combine earthy tones and rough textures to form an organic expression. Crafted from ceramic, each piece is coated with a reactive glaze that ensures a unique and varied appearance. Inspired by the stone and marble figurines that were made in the Cycladic era, the vases are both abstract in expression and simple in form. They can be showcased individually or combined with other pieces from the Yara collection, creating a harmonious yet contrasting display.

This product features a reactive glaze that creates a unique appearance. Variations may occur.



Color: Light Grey
Size: W: 5.51 x H: 12.01 x D: 4.53 in
Weight: 2.6 lb
Material: Stoneware with reactive glaze
Care instructions: Rinse in lukewarm water
Attention text: Variation in the finish may occur due to the glaze type