9.5" Gathered Earth Pot ::

of the earth

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This 9.5” hand-built vessel was made using a hand blended mixture of materials. This blend features wild clay, gathered sand and white clay. This piece is left raw and unglazed, highlighting the beauty of the clay.

The subtle imperfections give this piece a presence. 

who we are

We are Conrad and Dina, and we are ceramic artists. Our work is a co-creation with the earth, and is inspired by the natural textures, hues and formations that exist in our world. Our intrigue with the ancient world and the history of ceramics adds to our inspiration in creating pieces that not only reflect the earth, but mankind’s ritualistic relationship with clay for thousands of years. About four years ago, what started as a spontaneous wheel throwing date night, emerged into an obsession, a business, and a lifestyle. With zero ceramics experience, we relied on our willingness to learn, and our previous business experience to grow our presence, and spread our work across North America.
Our dream was not only to sell ceramics, but to refine a lifestyle that had slowness at the forefront, and fulfillment at its core. We started to realize that the meditative work flow produced ample financial results, along with a new appreciation for the monotonous routine needed to achieve anything in life. We both fell in love with the work, which made our goals and dreams that much easier to achieve.
Our four year long journey with ceramics has been an adventurous whirlwind of self discovery and inspiration.
Previous to ceramics, we we’re always being drawn to art, but hadn’t actually envisioned ourselves as becoming artists. We both jumped around between working jobs, schooling, and entrepreneurship in search of fulfillment, but nothing seemed to fit. Our education and experience seemed dormant, until we found the tangibility of ceramics. It was the perfect practice to apply what we had learned and create the life we wanted.
:: We are not on the earth, we are of the earth.