Baby Brush Heart

iris hantverk

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A small heart for the little ones. The soft goat hair gently smoothing the baby's locks of hair. NOTE! Do not use in wet hair as the goat hair tangles in water. White oil-treated birch, goat hair. 

Weight 50 gram
Length 10 cm
Width 6,5 cm
Height 3,3 cm’

The vision of Iris Hantverk is to revive the traditional brush binding profession. By making functional products with good design combined with the quality of natural materials and the craftsmen's solid technique.

The core of the business is the brush binding manufacturing at Sandsborgsvägen, Enskede – here 6 visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures make brushes according to an old Swedish tradition. They also work with visually impaired craftsmen in Estonia who also have a history strongly connected to the visual impairments movement.