CARO Waffle Hand Towel


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Blomus Waffle Hand Towel XL 20 x 40 is a luxurious European-style fabric towel that is as beautiful as it is functional. Cotton is extremely absorbent and tear-resistant.


  • Width: 50 cm / 20 inch
  • Length: 100 cm / 40 inch


  • Cotton

Where can you still find something truly unique in this day and age? In a world that is increasingly conforming to the norm, the unusual becomes more precious. The desire for uniqueness is great. The Blomus brand fulfills this aspiration. It represents the exceptional amongst the mundane, the face that stands out in a crowd. In their quest for the remarkable, Blomus designers have identified a single inexhaustible source of inspiration: the natural world. Elementary forms, solid materials, authentic radiance – these values can be rediscovered in Blomus products in many fascinating ways. Pure stainless steel is a source of inspiration and fascination for almost all Blomus creations.