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The Carrie Portable Lamp blends a chic, functional handle with a cozy sphere of light, delicately cradled in a basket-style base, making it a versatile addition to any space. Constructed from high-quality glass and metal, with an alternative plastic-base version for outdoor settings, the Carrie Lamp stands out for its adaptability and diverse uses. Its cordless design features a discreet USB charger located at its base for convenient recharging. The lamp's warm, ambient glow can be adjusted across three settings, and once fully charged, it assures at least ten hours of illumination on the highest setting. Designed with a spirit of freedom and flexibility, the lamp is available in a range of stunning colours.

For optimal battery longevity, ensure the lamp is switched off during charging and avoid leaving it plugged in during use.

Dimensions: Height: 24.5 cm, Diameter: 13.5 cm, Width: 15.3 cm

Materials: Steel, Brass, Glass, ABS


A New Chapter

Audo Copenhagen is born of collaborative spirit. Developed from uniting MENU, The Audo and by Lassen, Audo Copenhagen reflects both a century of Danish design tradition and a modern, global outlook that is continually expanding and evolving. Our furniture, lighting and interior accessories are shaped by purposeful details, high-quality materials and human needs, going hand-in-hand with our pursuit to create strong, long-lasting connections and partnerships.

A Sense of Community

Nothing is more precious than human connection. Wherever there is space, there is always an opportunity for community. Every Audo design is made to serve a function with deep form and feeling, allowing each of us to create a sense of community wherever we are in the world. Mixing and matching heritage and contemporary designs with personal keepsakes, each of us assembles unique interior landscapes where life unfolds and the future is born. Our quest to create a sense of community awards a higher value to the objects and spaces we occupy. A sense of community empowers us to create better

Our Community

Wherever there’s space, there’s opportunity for community. Our name reflects our close connection with the Audo House, a unique concept in Copenhagen that opened in 2019 masterfully uniting co-working and event facilities, a café, restaurant and concept shop, as well as an exclusive residence in a single, community-building universe. Today, Audo Copenhagen’s showroom and headquarters is located in this reimagined historic building. Redefining how we use design, space and, ultimately, how we connect to one another, the creative destination reflects Audo’s collaborative spirit and is a hub for powerful ideas and our sense of community

Our Aesthetic Approach

Audo Copenhagen’s aesthetic philosophy has been coined soft minimalism, characterised by clean lines, calm, subtle strength, earth tones and nature’s materials crafted with utmost respect. Soft minimalismpromotes creative contemplation and harmony. It adapts to diverse architectural styles and is appropriate for both residential and commercial use, and it’s timeless meaning Audo pieces can be used for decades to come and move to new homes and into new, creative chapters of life.

Our Desire

Audo Copenhagen designs can be found in spaces around the world. We envision a world where we share the magic of these designs and icons with new generations, growing a worldwide sense of community through remarkable design and communal experiences.