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The Grib Tray, with its sleek spherical design, is a versatile and stylish solution for various indoor and outdoor needs. Crafted from powder-coated iron, its rounded handle mirrors the tray's shape, providing a comfortable grip when carried. Though termed a tray, its functionality extends far beyond traditional uses, fitting decoratively anywhere in your home.

Whether organizing spices and oils in the kitchen, containing office supplies, or serving freshly made cocktails, the Grib Tray adds elegance and convenience to any space. Its design reflects a celebration of contrasts, embracing both aesthetics and practicality.

Available in two sophisticated colors, Cashmere and Black, the tray can be chosen to complement various interior themes.


Color: Cashmere or Black

Size: Diameter: 28 cm, Height: 28.7 cm

Material: Powder-coated iron

Registered design

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth



At ferm LIVING, the Grib Tray is part of a broader philosophy that encourages people to live more sustainably and confidently in their choices. This piece is not just a household item; it's a statement of responsible living and an inspiration for change.

Embrace the Grib Tray as a symbol of balance, functionality, and elegant simplicity in your daily life. Its timeless design and multifunctional nature make it a must-have for those who appreciate both form and function in their home accessories.