Hagama Rice Cooker


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Discover the art of perfect rice cooking with this traditional Japanese clay rice cooker, crafted in the Mie prefecture. Utilizing a ceramic bowl for even heat distribution and hinoki cypress lid to contain moisture, it ensures rice that's steamed flawlessly.


Material: Clay Pot with Hinoki Cypress Lid

Includes Rice Spatula and Wooden Trivet

3 Go Capacity (Approx. 2 1/4 Cups of Dried Rice)

Gas Stovetops only

Made in Japan

Volume: 1.6 L / 55 oz

Dimensions: ø22.9 x H19.7 cm / ø9 x H7.75 in

Care: Handwash; avoid dishwasher and metal utensils.

This cooker invites you into a world of culinary authenticity, turning a staple into an experience. Enjoy the taste of tradition with every perfectly cooked bowl.