Hasami Ash Wooden Tray

Hasami Porcelain

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The Ash Tray from Hasami Porcelain is a testament to centuries of craftsmanship and design innovation. Hailing from the historic town of Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture, one of Japan's most renowned pottery districts, this piece carries a legacy that dates back almost 400 years to the Edo period.

Created by Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise (Venice, CA), the Ash Tray embodies a vision that marries modern tableware design with the organic quality produced by traditional Japanese techniques. Hasami craftsmen have mastered a highly efficient system to mass-produce their porcelain goods, ensuring consistency in quality and affordability in price.


small round : ø85 x 21 mm (3.3/8" x 7/8")

medium oval : 170x85x21mm (3.3/8" x 6.3/4" x 7/8")

Material: Hasami Porcelain

The Ash Tray is more than a functional item; it's a piece of art that connects the past and the present. Its minimalist design speaks to the modern world, while its craftsmanship echoes a rich cultural heritage. Whether you use it as intended or repurpose it as a decorative element, it's a subtle yet striking addition to any space.

In embracing the Hasami Ash Tray, you become part of a tradition that values both the timeless beauty of handcrafted porcelain and the contemporary appeal of clean, elegant lines. It's a piece that doesn't merely serve a purpose but tells a story, inviting you to appreciate the nuances of design and the enduring allure of craftsmanship. A simple object, infused with history and artistry, becomes a conversation piece and a cherished part of your home.