Hinoki Cypress Bath Bucket


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  • This copper-ringed bath bucket from Umezawa, is made from Hinoki - a type of Japanese cypress which has the special quality of being naturally water-resistant
  • Traditionally used in Onsen hot springs for rinsing the body before bathing, these Hinoki buckets also make for a stylish way to keep your bath-time essentials close to hand
  • The natural look of the wooden bucket, lends a certain refined quality to your normal bathing routine and would match well in any contemporary bathroom setting
  • The bucket makes for an attractive way to store soap, shampoo, or a neatly folded towel
  • Hinoki cypress wood, copper, made in Japan, 23 x 23 x 12 cm. Due to its natural oil and resin content, Hinoki wood has a unique fragrance as well as inherent water-resistant properties. Please note, Sometimes Hinoki products may release a harmless, sticky sap, which can appear as dark spots on the wood. To remove this excess resin, wipe the wood gently with lukewarm water