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SKAGERAK by Fritz Hansen

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This modern cabinet, designed for living rooms and hallways, exemplifies elegance and functionality. Its long, rounded legs extend to the outer corners, giving it a graceful stance, while the smart brass handles on the cabinet doors align perfectly with the tabletop. This alignment, coupled with the choice of materials, creates a refined aesthetic.

The cabinet's interior is thoughtfully designed for practicality. The left compartment is open, while the central and right compartments each have a removable shelf, providing flexibility in storage. The tabletop is available in either oiled oak or marble, both materials renowned for their striking textures and durability.

Constructed from Oiled Oak and Brass, and certified with FSC Mix, the cabinet is a sustainable choice that reflects a commitment to responsible craftsmanship.



Material: Oiled Oak, Brass (FSC Mix certified)

Dimensions: Length: 49.61 in, Width: 15.35 in, Height: 26.77 in



Skagerak is an international design business, established in 1976 and based in Denmark. They have always focused on designing and producing high quality furniture that ages with grace and lasts for generations. They want to inspire our customers to live well and think long-term.

They believe in sustainable and straightforward beauty and work with skilled international designers that help us achieve that goal. Sustainability runs deep through the veins of company – reflected in materials, production and the way they treat partners and employees, which is why they have been proud members of the UN Global Compact Act since 2010, B Corp since 2017 and FSCTM (certified since 2003).

Skagerak is now 'Skagerak by Fritz Hansen'. Fritz Hansen stands behind Skagerak to bring the best of Danish design to every part of life, indoors and outdoors. Together the two companies will expand design possibilities with high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful design.

Skagerak and Fritz Hansen are two pioneering Danish design brands with quality and craftsmanship as core values and ambitious sustainability goals.

Josef Kaiser, CEO of Fritz Hansen and Skagerak, says, "Skagerak and Fritz Hansen are a natural fit. Both are rooted in Nordic design traditions and responsible manufacturing and synonymous with furniture and interior design of the highest quality."