KALA Slender Ceramic Vase Sand

Light + Ladder

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A tall, centerpiece vase for tabletop or sill.

Intersecting geometric forms, emphasized in a matte finish. KALA is a slender, statuesque vase with bold intersecting geometries that create a playful interaction between forms. Available in three unique personalities, snowy white porcelain, a warm sandy stoneware and a deep rich coal. Interior finished with clear glaze.

Subtle variations in texture and hue are to be expected, but we hope you love the individuality and character of each piece as much as we do.

Vessel Measures: 4” × 3.5” × 12.75”, opening ø2.5”

Designed in our Brooklyn Studio.

Lovingly made in a family-run facility powered by renewable energy in Vermont, chosen for their commitment to “create art, not objects”.

Light + Ladder is built upon a reciprocal relationship with our community who loves to create. We value our personal connection to our partners who share our commitment to sustainability, an honorable wage and healthy working conditions.