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Produced by Kiya, a Japanese cutlery store established in 1792, these carbon steel nail clippers will chop the toughest of nails in a single snap.  the plastic case can be used to catch nail clippings. 

  • Hand crafted in Japan
  • Blackened Carbon Steel
  • Measures 5.7 x 1.3 cm / 2.25 x 0.5 in

Made by renowned knife manufacturer in Japan, KIYA, established in 1792. These nail clippers are compact, durable and sharp.  The removable tray allows you to catch most of your clippings inside to dispose later and the built in nail file will smooth out any rough edges. KIYA are available in the classic black finish or a brighter gold finish.

KIYA is a knife manufacturer in Japan, known for their high quality knives.  The sharp edge fo this clipper can be attributed to the company's long legacy as knife makers.   

2'' (L) x .5'' (H) x .5'' (W)

Carbon Steel and Iron (Black Kiya Nail Clippers)
Carbon Steel and Iron (Gold Kiya Nail Clippers) Plastic (Gold Clipper Case)

Care Instructions:
Do not leave in moist damp places in your bathroom or it may rust.  Keep in well ventilated area.  Do not wash or leave wet. Keep dry as it is carbon steel and iron which can corrode in moisture