Little Blue, Linnéa Andersson with White Oak Frame 30x40cm


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Little Blue

Art print by Linnéa Andersson exclusively for The Poster Club. Printed on 265 g high quality art paper.

Bold colours and endless rows and branchings of leaves characterise the work of Swedish artist Linnéa Andersson. It is a motif that has followed Linnéa since 2017 and which she has continuously expanded and evolved. “It’s something with the shape that has an endless amount of opportunities. Even though I work with repetitions I never get bored. And even though something might look the same at first sight it never is,”she says.


Solid oak wood frame made in Italy, with real glass. This thin solid white oak frame will give your posters and art prints a beautiful Scandinavian and minimalistic look.


Linnéa grew up in a small coastal town but has been situated in Gothenburg for the past 15 years as she moved here to study art and design. She had always known that she wanted to work with colours in some way or another, but it was not until her last year at university that she found her own voice in painting.

To Linnéa, the act of painting is an investigation between balance, rhythm and colour: A continued exploration of how far she can reach with as few elements as possible. “A kind of minimalism as maximalism.”


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