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Welcome to a brand new monkey in Kay Bojesen's design universe: the elegant and graphic mini monkey in dark stained oak. The unique craftsmanship finish that characterizes Kay Bojesen's products is evident in the new mini monkey, where the tree plays the main role and is treated with tenderness and respect. It requires great care and experience when the monkey's small parts are to be grazed, and there are many hours of craftsmanship in each little monkey. The stained surface gives the wood a deep black surface with glow, warmth and life, and the impressive craftsmanship details together with the dark color create an exclusive expression. The new, stylish monkey is the perfect gift for the design lover. Or to him or her who can not get enough of Kay Bojesen's monkeys at all. Wherever the monkey moves in, it will create smiles and style with its whimsical appearance and elegant appearance.


**available to special order 4-8 weeks 

Untreated oak, untreated maple
Untreated oak, untreated smoked oak
SizeHeight 18.50 cm Width 19.50 cm Depth 6.50 cm

Kay Bojesen


The Kay Bojesen monkey is a classic and a lovable friend who will be by our side through each stage of our lives – from the kids’ room to becoming a beloved design icon in the home. The first Monkey was born in 1951 and is still produced in the same way today as it was then. Each figure has been created by hand and crafted at a Danish wood-turning mill.

The monkey is a high-quality piece of craftsmanship that accompanies us from child to adult at every stage of our lives, and is also an incredibly popular gift for those you love. And with this cute figure, you don't just get classic Danish design from 1951. You also get a unique Monkey from Kay Bojesen. No two of them are alike. And when the popular figure is allowed to hang out – as it does in many homes – the different nuances in the wood change and give the already unique Kay Bojesen Monkey even more personality. Over time, the affects of light and air will change any colour nuances in the wood to a more uniform, warm golden brown tone.