Porcelain Planter with Tray 6”

Hasami Porcelain

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From the great Hasami porcelain collection comes another perfect use of their porcelain, the Planter Pot and Tray Set. This modular set is made from their renown organic mixture of porcelain and clay, and has center hole for drainage and the tray underneath to catch the run off. The simple cylindrical form makes for a lovely balance to the lush living plants that will live in them.

Due to the beautifully handmade nature of Hasami pieces, some pieces may have slight variations in glaze and colors.

- Planter: 4 x 5.75 - Plate: 1 x 5.75 - Clay and Porcelain - Made in Nagasaki, Japan



Hasami Porcelain’s signature line. From the brand’s founding to the present day, the material and cylindrical modules have remained unchanged. Muted matte colours and expressions are combined with sharp forms, consisting of only straight lines and circles. Made from semi-porcelain, the collection combines the qualities of porcelain and earthenware.

The Natural colourway is fired unglazed, while Black and Gloss Gray are coloured with pigments and glaze respectively. The edges remain unglazed, providing a feel for the base material.