Sild Tray 49 x 24 cm


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The Sild Tray is a multifunctional piece that serves as both a cutting board and a serving tray, seamlessly transitioning from kitchen prep to table. Its name, "Sild," means herring in Danish, and the tray's design pays homage to this through an elegant herringbone pattern.

Composed of small wooden sticks in teak, the tray showcases the many nuances and grains in the wood, creating a visual delight. The use of oiled teak not only adds to the aesthetics but ensures durability, as teak is known for its resistance to moisture and wear.

Certified with FSC 100%, the Sild Tray reflects a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.


Material: Oiled Teak (FSC 100% certified)

Dimensions: Length: 49 cm, Width: 24.5 cm, Height: 1.5 cm

The Sild Tray is more than a functional kitchen tool; it's a piece of art that brings warmth and character to your culinary experience. Whether used for chopping ingredients or serving appetizers, its unique design and quality craftsmanship make it a delightful addition to any kitchen or dining setting. It's a perfect choice for those who appreciate the blend of functionality, beauty, and sustainability in their everyday objects.