Stemor Cushion

Røros Tweed

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Stemor is a stylish and monochrome series consisting of cushions and seating pads, which has been updated with new and modern colors in 2021.

Made in



50x50 cm


1.1 kg

  • Handwash (30°C or 86°F)

  • Use mild detergent for wool

  • Remove excess water by rolling

  • Dry on a flat surface


Our story starts in the 18th century when valuable copper was discovered in Røros. It brought great wealth to some, but most people in the rural town remained poor. When Peder Hiort, the director of the mine died in 1789, he passed on his entire fortune to a foundation that provided textile education and raw materials to the less fortunate.

This enabled the community to make garments that would keep them warm during the cold winter months. The foundation would also purchase these ready-to-wear garments and redistribute them back to the community as charity. Based on this Røros Tweed was established in 1940 and worked as a sales outlet for locally made textiles. Often, the workers who had received payment for the clothing they made, received the same clothing back.Peder Hiort’s legacy has created a tradition for handcraft and textile production that served to lay the foundations of Røros Tweed. Since then we have come a long way, but our core and passion for Norwegian wool has never changed.

Through craftsmanship we continue to create wool products that last for generations and along the way inspire future textile artists and designers to keep the tradition alive.