Aarke Water Purifier


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The Aarke Purifier is a patented water filter pitcher. It is principally made from high-quality glass and stainless steel, making it not only stylish and sophisticated but also hygienic and durable. A detachable silicone bumper is included, to help protect the glass carafe from bumps and scratches.

Dimensions Large: H: 27.5 B: 17.1 ⌀: 12cm
Weight: 1100 g

Designed and engineered in Stockholm, Sweden.



Aarke is a Swedish design company founded in 2013 by two experienced industrial designers and friends – Jonas Groth and Carl Ljungh. From our studio and workshop in Stockholm, we design premium home essentials engineered to elevate everyday routines. Our first product, the Aarke Carbonator, took the world by storm and can be found on countertops in more than 30 countries today. And that was just the beginning.

We strive to constantly push boundaries and re-engineer all aspects of our products. We design, develop, and test all products in our Stockholm workshop until everything from the first visual impression to the touch, feel, and interactive sensation of the product is of highest quality. Through a slow and mindful product development process we aim to build products that last for years to come.


The word quality is losing its quality. Today, even the cheapest products on the market use empty claims about being well made or long lasting.

We design, engineer, and build our products from scratch. We use stainless steel and glass. And food-grade, virgin PET when needed – non-toxic, BPA-free.

We spend hundreds of hours on dampers, valves, and springs that no one will ever see. Our engineers custom-built a device that tests our carbonators for over 10 000 cycles.

We collaborate with carefully selected partners such as BWT, one of the world’s leading water technology companies, when we expand into new categories.

Nothing is left to chance. There’s quality in every detail.