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The Nesting Glasses are made of thin, lead-free crystal glass, with delicate side walls and a slightly thicker, generously rounded base.

They all have different diameters and heights while sharing the same 29 cl (9.8 oz) volume, creating a playful juxtaposition between individuality and coherency.

The clever product design also allows the glasses to be nested rather than stacked, to minimize storage space. An upgrade of something that’s been around for over 3500 years.

Glass Dimensions:
• Glass 1 - H: 6.6 cm ø: 8.3 cm
• Glass 2 - H: 7.8 cm ø: 7.6 cm
• Glass 3 - H: 9.3 cm ø: 6.9 cm
• Glass 4 - H: 11.3 cm ø: 6.3 cm

Lead-free crystal glass

535 g

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