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The Verso Table Vase is a beautiful fusion of classic shapes and modern twists. Drawing inspiration from traditional pottery, it features an irregular, feminine form enhanced by a pair of distinct, artfully curved handles. These subtle contemporary touches elevate the timeless expression of the vase.

Available in three earthy colors—Terracotta, Blue, or Beige—the Verso Table Vase harmoniously blends with various interiors. Crafted from glazed stoneware, the vase exudes a tactile richness that adds depth and character to any space.

Fill it with your favorite flora to create a captivating centerpiece, or let it stand alone as an artistic statement piece. Either way, it's sure to add charm and elegance to your home.


Color: Terracotta, Blue, Beige

Size: Width: 27.5 cm, Height: 27 cm, Depth: 18 cm

Material: Glazed stoneware

Registered design

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth

The Verso Table Vase represents a delicate harmony between the past and the present, infusing traditional pottery forms with unexpected modern accents. Its versatility allows it to grace various settings, either as a vibrant floral showcase or an independent statement of artistry. In choosing the Verso Table Vase, you're not merely selecting a decorative piece; you're embracing an aesthetic that blends classic elegance with contemporary flair, adding a unique touch to your living space. Whether adorning a mantle or enhancing a dining table, it serves as a conversation starter and a symbol of refined taste.