Wine Breather Carafe Original

Audo Cph

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Embodying minimalist elegance and exceptional functionality, the Bottle Collection celebrates the charm inherent in simplicity. It focuses on two essential beverages – water and wine – amplifying the joy they bring when coupled with refined glassware. Crafted from premium mouth-blown glass, these indispensable pieces are now presented in an exquisite smoked glass variant. While the clear collection radiates timeless allure, the fresh colourway imparts a modern touch without compromising the collection's streamlined aesthetic. To enjoy a perfectly aerated wine, simply invert the Wine Breather over the bottle, allowing the wine to flow through the decanting unit into the spacious carafe. Invert again to return the wine to its original bottle, pour, and savour the difference a tenfold increase in oxygen can make.

Dimensions: Height: 22 cm, Diameter: 16.5 cm 

Capacity: 1 litre 

Materials: High-Quality Glass, Silicone, Steel, Plastic